Wednesday, December 6, 2006

so what should i post?

i could copy all the blackskimmer posts.

some of the threads would be nice to post in entirety, need permission from all involved?

then there are the posts with pictures. definitely need permission no? damm, publishing is complicated!

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Loku said...

You have a genuine talent for clarifying matters of scientific interest.

Rather than attempting to import whole threads posted in the past, you might take some of your own more detailed posts as foundations...

but elaborate in greater detail

Also, the fact that you are not commercial (insofar as i can see) means that your usage is subject to the lesser restrictions related to journalism and scholarship.

Of course you want to be ethical and correct, but nobody's gonna sue you for using a photograph for purely informational purposes.

And in the outside chance that someone objects to some usage, the "remedy" legal and ethical is that you just take the stuff down.

No court is going to penalize you, especially if you have exercised a certain amount of due diligence in at least attempting to obtain permission.

And if you happen to get in trouble for taking my advice in this instance...

then posterity will be the beneficiary of blackskimmer's jailhouse poems.

Y'see, it all works out.