Monday, October 22, 2007

example of starting stupidly with god, and commentary

Here is a typical example: a book ostensibly, NOT about jewish theology, but about the jewish WAY of life. "The Ten Journeys of Life" by Michael Gold. (It's probably a dopey book) Here is how he starts:

"It was the dawn of time. God had created humanity with great hope and anticipation, but most people were evil and corrupt. People did not know the proper path of life. They were lost."

"this book is a guide to being human. As humans we share something with the animal kingdom. We live a material existence; we eat, drink, sleep, have sexual relations, reproduce our species, get sick, and eventually we die. However as humans we are profoundly different from the animal kingdom. As the psalmist taught regarding humans, "thou has made him but little lower than the angels and have crowned him with glory and honor" We carry within us the breath of God. A major theme of these ten journeys is how we can rise above our animal nature and find the breath of God that echoes within each of us."

so right away Rabbi Michael Gold has made a grave INSULT out of his IGNORANCE. I would ask him, "can you show me this so called 'material' eating business? What is so 'material' about it? Can you explain to me how you turn hamburger or oatmeal into eyebrows and sperm?" My guess is that he cannot. So because he is ignorant about even the 'basest' of our animal natures, how living beings transform into each other by way of being 'food', he has decided that this is base and is not worthy of his praise, and that we need to 'rise above it' to become angels.

To me this is like the following story. A man and wife concieve a child. while the man is busy doing important things like consorting with his fellows to construct this wonderful human civilization, the woman is slaving away for nine months churning within herself (doing base animal things) to transform her own flesh into a new living being (while men have barely learned how to build the crudest of robots, and of course while the civilization the man is building is only 10,000 years old out of 3.6billion years of life on Earth, and it's not quite certain how well the civilization is built.), risking her very life to split herself into two separate beings! finally the day has come and for 9 hours she is in her time of peril in labor a great risk of life and gives birth to a child, and her husband sees this and immediately gets on his knees and praises God for this miracle.

How should she respond to this insult? How has Earth been responding to our past millenia of insults we have been perpetrating on her in our prideful ignorance? luckily, Earth is not as 'base' as we are and has not yet decided to respond to our insults as would another 'angelic' human being, or even as a vengeful god! If there is any entity around with great mercy (rakhaman), it is the greatest womb (rekhem) of them all...

so obviously i think the husband ought to spend at least as long as his longest wailing and moaning that he spends with God in a high holy day service, praising and being in awe of his wife. and then when the two have settled down abit, and his wife has taken a breather, i suppose if they are so inclined they could comtemplate the finer mysteries of why the miracle of life is possible at all.

otherwise, i fear this. If we continue in our ignorance about how Earth churns round and round to be womb of us because we are MESMERISED by the glorious acts of an imagined father who brought us out of Egypt (of all the rampant nonsense!) it is very likely she may eventually abort us. she has PLENTY more where we came from. the merciful thing about this abortion is that there would be no conscious anger about it, as we are not separate from Earth, we in essence would be doing it ourselves. The pity though would be the number of glorious species we would bring down with us including each other, as we ARE glorious too. but THAT is not even a cosmic disaster, Earth is such a fertile and creative womb that she would bloom back forth with an even more glorious ecosystem as she has done many times in the past.

It is very clear to me though, why humanity has imagined its God, its creator to be a MAN: men don't generaly abort their sons, don't generaly risk their lives to give them birth, don't have a somewhat ambivalent relationship with childbirth as women have, men don't have to fear childbirith. Men value sons as laborors in this grand 10,000 year old agricultural project to rule (in their clumsy way) the Earth.

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