Saturday, March 10, 2007

He flew to Her

-so Lisa said to me
He flew to Her. Through the spheres He passed. And though each sphere he passed, yet in each He remained. From each sphere He took its nature and yet, the integrity of the Fullness He retained. Between each sphere He remained, and yet He continued His journey. Joining the worlds was a heavenly bridge, whose beauty would light the way for all who could see. It is a living bridge of beauty, for it is of Him. And yet, He continued.

He reached unto Her and though He entered time, His flight had taken no time at all. He reached unto Her, and at Her visage, He, who had viewed the splendor of all the heavens, was awed by the glory and the grace of She of the Infinite Shimmering Pearls. Her sweetness came from Her all-encompassing heart: The Charming Heart of the heavens and earth alike. A tear, a brilliant jewel of light, caressed His cheek and fell. And She of no eye, reached with the Grace She never lost, and cradled His tear in a hand that lovelier could not be; for in Her infinite compassion She could let no tear fall of such a One as He. And She touched the tear to where Her eyes should be, and She of the no eye, once again could see.

He paused, and looking at the dazed faces around Him, said. "This was the story told to man by the angels ages and ages ago. It is a story of old. It is a story of now. It is a story unto the end of time."

-and I said
like this?

a massive deep hot blue sun sinking into her own heaviness... pressing pressing pressing till she's heavy enough inside, enough pressure and heat to give birth to new elements from the primordial hydrogen. doing the alchemist's trick of transmuting hydrogen into the life giving elements of carbon and oxygen and beyond all the way up to iron. all this from hydrogen gas.

her massive belly pulsates as she spins. and when enough hydrogen burns into the life giving elements she shines, she spews forth light and heat. and this spewing forth of light and heat pushes out against her sinking heaviness and she balances: a heavy living breathing star of seething gas, big enough to devour half our solar system.

but she ain't infinite. she burns hard, she lives hard and she lives fast. one day she burns the last ounce of her hydrogen fuel, she burns everything to iron and there the burning stops.

without the spewing out of light and heat to match the pressure in of her heaviness, the heaviness prevails, and she collapses in on herself. quickly. the sides of her belly implode on themselves so hard so massive and so fast that she explodes, she bursts her self apart into clouds of the life giving elements she's cooked for us. supernova.

these life giving elements scatter across the heavens and give life to new planets, whilst her spinning heart compacted from her implosion remains. a spinning heart the size of the earth but spinning 30 times a second! the magnetic fields rush past the clouds so fast they make them glow.

enjoy her life giving elements and sky jewels. give thanks.

-and she said
yes, her spinning heart remains.


['he flew to her' with permission from...
The Testament of John
translated and edited by Rosamonde Miller
copyright 1983

image from NASA Hubble images:
the wiki

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