Monday, October 29, 2007

Hurray for Noah!

what’s this i hear about Noakh being only upstanding compared to a depraved generation? being a drunkard? This Noakh guy is getting a bad rap and i want that to end NOW.

Some people make comments on Noah's drunkenness after he gets off the ark. try to put yourself in his shoes! look what he’s been through! the creator himself becomes frightened of his own creation and decides to wipe it clean and Noah among all men manages to just barely convince him to save a REMNANT of it. or did he even convince yhvh? after all, Noah did ALL THE WORK HIMSELF! and for a year cramped up in that floating rudderless box, how often could he imagine his work FAILING? i would grant him an eternity of drunkenness for his courageous act. the rabbis can go to hell! the rabbis who think words of tora more holy than the cows who give their flayed skins for it. Look, they preserved this text for me, it wasn’t my choice…

look, the main frightening feature of this story is that yhvh like Dr. frankenstein, decides to create life (why? outpouring of love? curiosity? boredome? it’s yhvh’s very nature?) and then as in Mary Shelley’s story becomes repulsed by it, becomes repulsed by ALL FLESH, all the thriving serxingbirthingdyingeatingfighting living creatures. b’reishit 6:11 v’TISHAKHET ha’aretz lifnei ha’elohim. v’timaleh ha’aretz khamas. v’yar’ ‘elohim ‘et -ha’aretz, v’hineh nishkhata ki-HISHKHIT KOL-BASAR ‘et darkho ‘al -ha’aretz. I wish someone would explain to me this shakhat that ALL living earth was doing? And as with Abraham and Moshe, ONE MAN, Noah, calms the savage beast of yhvh and saves ALL LIFE.

that’s a HEAVY story. forget the petty rabbis’ concerns about Naoh’s perfection or drunkenness or whether he was better or worse than abraham or moshe, in fact of course he is MUCH greater than either. abraham wanted to save merely one human city. and couldn’t save his son. moshe was concerned with only his own people, let alone all of life, and certainly didn’t try to save his ‘godfamily’ the Egyptians.

i vote for Noah!

now, who’s got the guts to build an ark today?

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