Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Fuck!", A Preliminary Analysis

the simple word 'fuck' is disturbing?  what is the function of the word 'fuck'?

well it's basic meaning is to have sex.  some men use it; "to fuck a woman"  some women use it; "let's fuck".  is it so qualitatively different than "lets make love"?  I suppose fucking doesn't have to involve love.  but does all 'lovemaking' that isn't 'fucking' involve love? why not play? 

we need a detailed  anthropology of 'fuck'

nevertheless it's other basic meaning is "this is fucked up".  when this is 'fucked up'  something precious, valuble, someone's life work broken almost beyond repair.  At that point that personi is deeply distressed.

and to 'fuck you' is to be red in the eyes angry enough to kill you?

another function of the explitive "fuck" is to show that you are loosing control, control of social protocol, lest you wouldn't say it!  you would modulate the display of your moods skillfully amongst your fellows.

and what about the origins of this thread?  in response to what he finds are frighteningly stupid and dangerous humans, Kutastha mutters, "human beings... fucking idiots"  he doesn't mean they are having sex.  maybe he means they are capable of, raping each other, perhaps he means they are getting red in the eyes angry/sick enough to kill each eather? or indeed they ARE raping their mother earth in their quest for heaven?

would it be so foul as to say: "human beings... ignorant immature murdering idiots"  not at all. 

I see, his use of the word "fucking" shows it is HIS eyes that he has let gone red with anger, and thus HE is now a potential threat.

and.. it is not as fun to say!  there is a satisfaction in saying "fucking idiots" when you are hyped up angry. It blows off steam!

to say "fuck" is to let the wind out violently, to burst, to loose control.  don't do it in public.  ah... that is precisely what happens in sex!  then to have sex IS to 'fuck', and we don't do it in public either. 

And to talk about it in public politer words are used, "to come", or "to cum", "to climax" (latin, academic), "to have orgasm", "to jizzm"  to lighten the explicative nature of it.  so it is alright to clinically describe the act, but not let the act acutally burst forth in public, unless it's laughter or jazz or a sneeze...

why then would a woman say to a man, "let's fuck"?  is it a game of danger?

why at heart it is!  in many moments in human time and place, to fuck a woman WAS to threaten her with death!  even if it WAS love making!  to fuck a woman out of wedlock was to saddle her with birth and shame, saddle her bastard child with shame.

but even love making threatens a woman with death, threatens her with creating life, possibly dying, 50% chance of spontaneously aborting.  even lovemaking is fucking!  fucking up the works!

creation IS fucked up!  That's our basic story.  when we die don't  we fight against it as if someone, something has fucked us over?

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Anonymous said...

"Fuck" is used in too many ways, used too often to be a curse, has become part of every day vernacular and denotes violence. There needs to be a new word that properly causes shock. Not too different than "Bollocks"