Saturday, June 16, 2007

Loving Stentor: Science vs. the New Age on Love

A small conversation about loving living creatures from a discussion forum:

New Age perspective:
"frequency of Love comparison to cells:

..I am currently channeling information from my spirit about says that love is designed to bring cells to life...Love as a frequency is trust, honesty and compassion...cells carry this frequency for they all have a knowing side that connects them to an openness to their own flow..honesty is the state when the cell realizes its purpose and function...."


So, I said:

Learning to communicate about these things...

You said>I am currently channeling information from my spirit about cells

Ok, but i have been actually looking at and playing with cells in ponds and in plants etc.. for quite some time, so lets see if our observations have anything in common...

> says that love is designed to bring cells to life...

MY love? if i love a dead cell, or a blob of mud, it will come to life? what do you mean? no doubt something basic about human love is a property shared by all living creatures. what do you mean?

Anyway, i do love Stentors in a way, have you seen them in pondwater? the blue ones are really cool. They are about the size of a period. shaped like a curvy icecreamcone. very thoughtful little creatures. they hold onto a duckweed root and beat their hairs to swirl the water into their mouths and suck in food. then all of a sudden they get bored and let go, change into a blobby shape and swim off... graceful, too. they are cells. i can tell you details about em. they swim differently than Rotifers, which are made up of many cells, but are smaller than they are. they swim differently than Euglena because they have thousands of swimming whips, while Euglena has only one... i can tell you the way my girlfriends smile looks, the color of her eyes. the point is that to love either of these the first step is to get to KNOW them in DETAIL. and not make up any stories about who they are, cause then you are bound to hurt their feelings...

That is MY science, to respect others enough to get to know them in detail, to replace the stories i make up about them in my head with detailed knowledge about who they are, so that i can respond to them and help them grow. If i want to find out what's upsetting Stentor or my girlfriend, I do NOT read a book about it, i do not CHANNEL information about it. I listen to her. I watch her. I ask questions. I ask other people to help me, to watch her and i compare what i see with what they see to make sure I'm not kidding myself, to make sure my perceptions aren't warped by anger, lust, selfishness...

So tell me what you know about these cells that hopefully you love more than cars and nuclear bombs and ignorance.

p.s. you might want to look at M. Scott Pecks's book 'the road less traveled', he loves people for a living and has a reasonable definition of it.

nickster said:
As is clear from the above poster, there is a connection. To dedicate yourself to science, you have to learn to love the physical world. We are raised to love ideals, nations, religions, etc... these are imaginary ideals! But love of the air, the water, microbes in the soil, minerals dissolved in the sea... that is something you can only learn through endless, dedicated study.

How I miss that feeling!

The previous poster hit the nail on the head. Love arises from first-hand, experiential knowledge. Not from reading what other people tell you, or making up what you would like to believe about things. I thought I was the only one who felt that way! I thought I was an off-the-scale nerd for feeling that way!

and i said:

off the scale nerds unite!

how else does so much basic science get done if it weren't for off the scale nerds thinking that chemicals and mud and bugs and worms and number patterns wern't really cool?

isn't it scary how many people every day are into all those bullshit imaginary ideals? and they totally ignore bugs and rocks and rivers and hills... and in this country a growing hoard are getting ready for the imaginary ideal of the RAPTURE where they will nuke away all the bugs rocks flowers eyebrows...

how do we get more people to be off-the-scale-nerds??

nickster:I don't' know... Why don't people love *this* world? Why do they need to make up religious mumbo-jumbo to get themselves inspired about existing? Why make up "heaven" to inspire you? What is wrong with the world we have right here? You could spend your entire life studying a gram of soil, and still never come close to understanding it completely. There is so much here!

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