Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hitting Your Thumb While Trying To Hammer In Your Life

expect cursing
when you attempt to dive
into the tumultuous waters
of religion.

don't you curse
when trying to hammer in a nail
and you hit your thumb instead?

how much deeper the pain must be
when trying to drive in straight
a whole human life
and miss...


Oh Good Godless said...

Then what?

I love this poem.

barry goldman said...

I don't know. I struggle with it. It is a hard zen practice to accept my own failures, not to be blinded by the ideal of success. failure is necessary for creativity, I suppose we should be thankful for it. learn to forgive others

still, it feels like a cosmic disaster for a whole life not to work...

Terra Maple Forester said...

The people who have missed the mark with their lives are the ones who trample on the earth and its creatures and pursue wealth and power. The people who have hit the nail on the head with their lives are the ones who care for the earth and its creatures, and who continually seek to grow in compassion, kindess, knowledge, and wisdom.

barry goldman said...