Thursday, December 7, 2006

the moss and jesus christ

and what does the moss care that we humans are so weighed down
with the intricacies of caverns of the depths of human mind?
the moss has been here through 7 world ages
the moss has seen continents coalesce and shatter
the moss has seen so many come and go
the moss has seen ice age and meltdown
what is our intricate need for forgivness to the moss?
it's not that the moss doesn't understand our depths,
it's that the moss doesn't even consider those depths worth their while.
it's as if we cared about counting every single spore sent flying on a rainy day


Anonymous said...

black background is hard to read

Anonymous said...

In pondering earthly existence
The virtue of moss is resistance
to changes in climate
and noting too, I might
well lichen it to your persistence.

Good luck skimmer!

The only nudibranch bar in town.
is bound to be a hit.

Please subscribe me to any really scholarly discussions and/or brawls

fullofstrangeideas said...

strange coincidence that you should have put jc in your title. did you ever read the poem i wrote this summer titled "velvet obsidian; or the dark, the moon and jesus christ?" it is in poetry place, except that the illustrated version i posted did not include the final edit of the last verse. ah, well, i suppose i will never be perfect. thanks for sharing. visit me sometime....

Unknown said...

barry -- sweet website yo... hit me back