Saturday, July 22, 2017

Critters On The Porch!

first we have an ant with a heart shaped butt: genus Cramatogaster
shiny little ant.  you can see the porch railing reflecting on her.

next a dusky Lasius ant.  this ant was VERY fast.  very hard to get a shot.
these ants are about a quater of an inch long..  Lasius you will find making a bunch of tiny volcano entrances to their nest along sidewalks and in other open places

next we have zebra jumping spider.  I should have tried to gt infront of it and get a good mug shot.
ok thats enough for today.


lola said...

Really cool! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Heart butt, heart butt, heart butt ant
Sends poor Barry on a rant
Why would nature d'you suppose
Make ant with butt like Pierogi Toes'?