Saturday, February 25, 2017

mosses in my new home

First we got a bed of Atrichum angustatum.  Int last photo u can almost make out the waves of micro spines across the leaves.

here they are begining to grow spore stalks.

this one has  a more mature stalk.  musta started growimg earlier.  Or maybe this is A. altechristatum.  I'll check.

Next there is Plagiomnium, not sure yet what species

Notice this species has a sprawling form of growth with leaves on either side of the stem and then a more upright growth form with leaves wrapped around the stem.  This second growth form is the one with ovaries, gets fertilized and gives birth to the spore stalks.  The spore stalks are actually separate moss individuals that dont grow leaves and dont have sex, just grow spores.  The spores will grow into mosses with leaves ansd sex again and repeat the cycle.  Why should moss live the same way we do?

these were also growing.  I dont know what kind.  I dont have my reference materials yet.

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