Saturday, June 16, 2007

god's vagina

western civ is alienated from god's vagina. a pity.

so vagina's beckon us back from our mind's tortuous journeys inside our skullvault labyrinths to come back to flesh to come back to the source of Earth creativity.

vaginas lubricate the passage to the dangerous act of creation of procreation to create the future of ourselves to take part in this 3.6billion year long journey of grandmothers all the way back to the first spark caught on the first muddy oxidation reduction reaction vagina in warm shallow seas or in dark violent seavents, no matter, flesh/mud and sparks been creating a long time.

takes a moist place to pull us away from the excell spreadsheet and come back to this Earthjourney of creating beating hearts that can go on flexibly beating time after time after time one BILLION times who has the mind spirit to keep up that rhythm that long to carry us?

god's vagina is the long harrowing history of birth of humanity painful out of the eden womb to a complex world to learn to wend the labyrinth of choices ahead of us to match this infinity yearning mind to the finite bucket of mud we all have to share.


Anonymous said...

oh criminiy christmas....just when i think there is hope you have to embue god with a vagina?? ok then...i will be the godesses penis....ok?? no just kidding...well kinda...honestly i do take offence to the whole nagation of the godess in most writings that speak of the divine...there is no life without the joining of the two...well not complex life....female is constant while male is veriation

barry goldman said...

ah.. sorry. i don't think of the word god as male. i don't think of god as one piece... lots of floating gender bits... so don't worry about nagating godess... god godess i can't tell the difference.