Friday, April 13, 2007

Dirge For Curry The Cat

tanya put curry
tanya ended curry
curry did not know
curry did not ask
curry's gone

i did not visit curry
at the end
curry stopped purring
did curry want to go?
where was curry
curry's gone

one more song for curry
no more songs for curry
curry is a memory
curry is a
onion in my chest
lodged in my chest

curry's gone
curry's stopped
in the middle of his day
curry did not ask
curry did not say

life has a curry hole in it
life has a wondering what it's about
what IS it about
who was curry?
where is curry

curry might be under the bed
curry might be inside my head
curry might not be dead
if i didn't know

curry was my friend
curry was my best friend
curry was someone different in my life
out of breath now
curry's gone

one day curry
one day no more
head butt curry
curry with his paw
curry's paw left in memory

it will be a long life without curry
a long time with no curry to visit
when we all go
when we all take our exit
let go

curry exhaled
curry slowly exhaled himself to earth
slowly not curry no more
once whiskers
no longer feel

curry facet of myself
facet of myself holding on tight
less curry of myself
scared of myself
scared to let go of life

life leaps upon us from the bubbling abyss
the bubbling abyss of mother's womb
the spark joining jizm conception
life surprises us
curry too

once a kitten became curry
prancing paws kitten life
speck of chance
didn't have to be

long swirl of chemistry personality
curry was a person
curry was a self
i knew curry
i was curry

curry fragility breaks my heart
my heart holds onto life
the buddha says let go
i say is suffering so bad?
i say suffering is our flavor of life

life chooses us to be
so why not then choose life
why not accept suffering
if it defines life
the pain of curry defines me

curry won't let go

Qtrain to brooklyn
new york

weaning ourselves from mind

What animates that vulture gliding gently, intelligently up in the sky, the blue sky with whispy white clouds against backdrop of craggy rocky hill topped with rich green pines and whispy grey twigs bursting chatreuse and cinnamon buds? What creates such rich texture and animates the life in it? The traditional answers, and they are very old and they are still prevelant among most of us, is that some mind spirit that lives outside of all this (in outerspace? heaven?) created it all out of his ideas and animates it with some kind of buds of his spirit.

This is an early myth and where does it come from? and does this explanation (does it explain anything?) make us happy? maybe, but what it ultimately leads to is that it makes us yearn for something different than this Earthy existence we have, it makes us yearn for some eternal life as spirit beings on some passing commet, killing ourselves in the process, killing our mother Earth in the process.

Is there a source of wisdom for us to follow outside of our deep fall into mind spirit? How did we begin to ween ourselves from it in modern times to

Somehow in ALL traditional human societies, inner human experience has always won out over direct experience of the natural world as the source of wisdom and animating power. Human experience is a powerful force on this planet! look at all its moods: rational thought, deep winding story telling capacity, passionate emotions, dreams, bicameral hallucinations, ecstatic states of inspiration, childhood states of mind, near death experience, orgasm, lovemaking... It is capable of driving humans in ecstatic states to work together to build pyramids, great wall of china, wars that ravage landscapes, ultimately to get whipped up into such a communal frenzy to almost gas an entire people out of existence or even building an arsenal of a thousand hiroshima nihilating bombs and be prepared to use them. human ideas have created a planet wide network of automobiles and coal burning power plants that is changing the planetary climate...

Perhaps it is possible to be convinced that this communal ecstatic experience is more powerful than any force on this earth. That being an ecstatic state, it surely doesn't come from any of US. Where does it come from? So we invented a story early on that it comes from 'somewhere' It used to come in voices so we decided that it comes from SOMEONE else. These voices often sounded like our dead loved ones, in ceremony they sounded like the voices of dead honored kings. In public ceremony the voices blended over generations? or anyway the experience is so powerful, so unlike everyday awakened human experience that we decided it was immortal. So we decided that the most powerful force in the universe was some kind of immortal spirit being.

How the most powerful spirit being in the western world came to live in outerspace is curious. (or do the christians say that it resides in our hearts? i suppose that is a constant tension in religion)

Well, this imagined spirit being based in ecstatic state in a way of experiencing that sometimes lays us open to the miraculous, more often than not lays us open to the labyrinths of our own swirly psychological bullshit... It has often directed us in communal ecstatic states to wage war on each other, to wage war on flesh, to wage war on Earth. being immortal it fears death. but life is death. Life invents, life is beautiful, because it has embodied cycles of life and death as a way to create. Life is mortal open to the dangers of death because life is extravagantly vulnerable. life lives dangerously in the face of the laws of entropy, feeds off of them in fact! This godbeing we find in ecsatsy being immortal, fears such life. has tought us to fear it. fearing life and death we certainly fear anything woman.

It is clear where this has lead us. World wars, nuclear arsenals, world wide pollution of the ocean, world wide acid rain, global warming while we ignore it in our airconditioned cars listening to electronicly produced music mimicking the voices of ecstatcy. will we permanantly poison our mother? will we burn our own species out of existence?

or, is there wisdom outside of our own ideas? what did it finally take to wake European culture out of this narcissistic embrace and begin looking outside itself? outside of mind? outside of this narcissistic relationship with our own minds? how did Science develop as a practice to ween ourselves from our minds and find wisdom in something truly new? what did it take to form the tradition that finally can write a book about a grubby germ that no one had before thought to love, that has more text, more detail than the complete works of shakespeare or the bible? how were we finally driven to know that there are more kinds of living creatures than there are words in any human language? How were we driven finally to learn that flesh, mud is capable of this powerful experience we call mind that it need not come from a realm apart from Earth?


We get so cought up in these narcissistic patterns that we seldom wake up to the bare sense data of the wonderful sprouting world that we were born from that we still feed from that yearns to nourish us with beauty, that we have covered it up with monotonous concrete and asphalt! we have smothered our Earth in ideas.


Anyway, why didn't most cultures attach any importance to the finely textured details of dead fallen leaves, little bugs, tiny organisms in pond muck? why didn't they look? why didn't they catalog those details as much as they catalogued the escapades of heroes divine and military? did any? Aristotle and some other classical authors began to. did any of them look at fine details and begin to wonder how? did native americans look at fine details? traditional cultures are known to classify plants birds on the order of hundreds of them. But only those creatures that are USEFUL to them?

Why were even the skeptics of myth of religion in ancient greece still cought up in mind? why were they cought up in the smooth geometries of the cosmic mind? why did they not begin messing with iterated discrete dynamical systems? was it hard to calculate brute numbers? why did no classical cultures mess with cellular automata? it was all smooth orbits on smooth manifolds the worlds of the gods, eternal orbits. not even the chinese with their game of Go?

Why did Darwin and Wallace appear so recently? why did it take till the '60s to discover cellular automata? chemistry, that this textured swirly world is in fact built on discrete molecules took so many centuries to puzzle out! what an accomplishment.

I mean, in 2 or 3 seasons i learned to distinguish 400 plants in Goshen, Middletown, brooklyn. Surely if they were looking, an iriquois tribe over a few generations COULD have compiled a list of 2000 plants, 500 birds, 10,000 insects and spiders... Can you compile a list of 10,000 insects in cultural, oral memory, or do you need paper? Why not a museum with an insect collection? they weren't sedentary enough? i think you need a massive stone pallace to house an insect collection of 10,000 insects over the 100 years it takes to collect them!

so what did it take for a human society to learn that there were on the order of TEN THOUSAND different kinds of bugs in their neighborhood? why did europeans start caring about bugs? (was it mainly the british? curious!) Why didn't the japanese catalog how many beetles they had? (how many do they have? they're on an island) ( so are the britts!)

So what drove European culture to begin measuring, counting, weighing, classifying 1000s of creatures and minerals? I kept track of 400 plants by sight? without a book, how many critters could i learn to distinguish and name? When in history did people reach this limit?

Microscope. before the hand lense, did people peer in closely at tiny stuff? Without having seen pictures and looked in microscopes would i have been motivated to look at hydras, stentors, vorticella, ostracods, cyclops... which you CAN surely see WITHOUT a lense! Mossimo and i would peer into ponds at scummy swimming stuff, but i already had the American Museum of Natural History. My dad trained me from infancy to know the microscopic world down to the molecular level. Hmm...

eve and the two world trees

eve and the two world trees

once upon a time the living and the dead were not different. Birth and death were not seen nor feared to be different. The living and the dead moved amongst each other in the same world, traveled the same paths, spoke face to face. The path of death; the milky way, and the path of life; that of the sun were one and the same.

once upon a time god alone created, held the creative powers, knew the craft of creation.

before time began his journey

before Nous began his journey after PsuXe's fleeing ripeness, dripping his seed like the ticking of times clock

before time began his journey after PsuXe, ecosystems created the myriad beings.

before Nous began to spin the sad tale of his awareness of time's passage after PsuXe fled from his awakening, and he gave chase, there was only one creator. She was Earth and she created the myriad beings within herself by letting in the seeds of random flux, letting them enter her own flesh and creating folds around themselves for wombs, letting them play against each other in the game of natural selection. Inviting birth and death into her own flesh generation after generation. But she too had no companion.

before the tale of time spun 'round the world tree

before the path of life and the path of death diverged, there was one world tree of birth and death around which the world revolved in timeless eternal orbit. at equilibrium. Then death, the giver of chance, of mutation, the giver of novelty, offered Eve the forbidden fruit.

And what fruit was it? The pomegranate, convoluted fruit like the cerebral cortex, in the image of mother Earth's folds of flesh around the seeds of creation. So Death offered Eve this convoluted fruit, mass of neurons, the pandora's box dense enough to catch the seeds of random flux herself and wrap wombs of thought about them, give them whole worlds of her own imagining to play in and create ecosystems

once Demeter, giver of live, fertility of decaying mud lost her daughter Persephone to Dis, deep in the dungeons of death. and Persephone ate of the seeds of the pomegranate in his garden in hell

once the daughter of life ate of the seeds of the knowledge of death in death's realm

once the serpent tempted Eve with the power of imagining, simulating,

When the serpent, twined about the one world tree, tempted PsuXe to eat of the fruit of convolution and it lodged into her head and she began to imagine, to dream, for the first time, stories of life and death, in fear she fled the embryonic oneness of her slumber and Nous suddenly separated from her embrace from the oneness of their flesh, for the first time felt bare and cold and felt the separateness of his flesh and yearned for the touch of her and he chased after her luscious ripeness and both of them running round the world tree, he, dripping his seeds and she naming them

and the world tree split with them and the tree of the making of good and evil split off from the tree of the wholeness of birth and death and the tree of making leaned toward their chase and slowly began its wobble about the world axis of the wholeness of birth and death

and thus the sun's path around that tree of knowledge separated from the path of consort with the dead, leaving the burnt milky way in its memory. And the path of the sun, the path of life no longer turned round the world axis but about that tilting one, and the sun sometimes dipped too low and sometimes soared too high and forced the changing of seasons into dry summers and cold deathly winters and with him the lord of the four quarters was now ever slowly shifting houses and the world order was ever doomed to endless repetition of binge and collapse of empire.

No longer could the people travel freely along the path of the dead and the path of the living. The living people thirsted to see their dead companions face to face, and the dead thirsted for the living, and as the memory of their consort with each other faded, they created gods and monsters.

[ its not the sun's path of life vs the milky way's path of the dead, but the sun god's judgment making, making good/evil vs the tao, the path of the wholeness of birthing/dying]

[ but there are two creation stories here. One of mind's separation from soul along their dark journey lost in the caverns of man's winding brain, and the prior one of the creation of time itself from the eternal orbit of gravity. Or... once upon a time the axis of the globe of Earth did tilt, but man's wakening to sin did not cause it. Nor did man's wakening to sin cause the invitation of sin into the world at large. Three tasks: to tell the tale of the birth of time and the creative powers of the universe; to tell the tale of the birth of mankind's lonely journey to become a creator in the convoluted caverns of his brain; to decide whether these two tales are related at all. can mankind's story be an image for the story of the cosmos? Can the shapes and cycles and imperfections of the cosmos be an image for the story of mankind? Does mankind belong to this Earth, or was he breathed into it by a god totally alien to these stories?]

[but more. at some point i tell of the birth of nous/time out of the eternal orbit of Cosmos. but that's wrong. birth of nous/time is something that occurred in H. sapiens history, or in each of our own awakening to consciousness. outside of our stories, lie Kosmos, and the second law of thermodynamics always existed. evolution by a process of iteration in unique time moments, WAY off of the eternal manifold has existed since there was energy flow. Do you mean AFTER the big bang, i.e. before that, KOSMOS was a singularity, not a multiplicity of places and thus there WAS NO ENERGY FLOW and thus THERE WAS NO TIME FLOW? hmmm...

anyway we created this idea of a paradise on the smooth eternal manifold AFTER our conscious time sense awoke. THERE IS NO REAL LIFE FOR US ON THE ETERNAL SMOOTH MANIFOLD, THERE CAN BE NO HUMAN EXPERIENCE AT THERMODYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM.]

when Eve was offered the fruit of convolution and began to dream myriad beings herself, the lone creator beheld her and said, "Lo, she has become as...". No, the lone creator said no such thing. We created such stories, the first creator created only frogs and feathers and such

When PsuXe, the changing luscious fertile conceiving and hellish frightening aborting moon sparked Nous' imagination when she taught him to tell time and to sit under the moonlit night by the fire and spin tales to narrate eternal knowledge into tales of time


just after the beginning of time, when Eve stole the pomegranate of ecosystem from the tree and gave it to man, he did not at all understand its nature. He feared not being able to consort with the dead. He feared the flight of PsuXe, he feared being alone.

the cavern he lived in grew large. The cavern of mind was empty with echoes. the vault of sky and mind was far away and every time man tried to apprehend those walls, they, being his very apprehension itself, swelled and grew more distant still.

When man was given the craft of creation he was so ignorant of its ways. He no longer remembered the connection of birth and death. He was ignorant of the role of chance as the source for all new ideas. He was ignorant of the craft of trial and error of natural selection on those ideas to hone them down.

man was so busy chasing with mind PsuXe's luscious ass that he lost track of the way of interlinking cycles of cause and effect of ecosystems at far from equilibrium and knew only how to spin... an orbital cycle at equilibrium or a linear narration of history (that's not equilibrium. but it ain't complex links of cause and effect either.)... along the cold black manifold of space

it was a long journey to the knowledge of the craft of creation

longing for that life before time, that life before 'before', that life of union between Nous and PsuXe, man at first decided that all creation occurred in the past, before time. He decided all new ideas, in reality, gifts of the random flux in time, were but memories of the fullness of all knowledge from his eternal embryonic existence before time. So ignorant about creation was he that he thought that all there is and that will be was held in embryo in the mind of god, a very large idea he created from his very large fear.

man did not even know about creation, the vast limitless flux of miracles and myriad interacting womb beings who nurtured and traded them

so new was this chasing mind of his in PsuXe's convoluted caverns of cerebral networks that he spun his own story of what creation was. Man created an image of creation after his own meagre single minded chasing after PsuXe's flight.

Creation went on right before his eyes but he set his eyes upon the image he created of creation and chased after it in fear of the fleshy fertile grub springing forth decaying mass of life and death that was himself.

it was too much, too fast, for eve to swallow the globe of the creator Earth, to swallow the birthing/dying creative brain which could then imagine her own birthing/dying

mankind was still way too small to handle the knowledge of himself as this mass of flesh, giving itself to the random flux alternately birthing himselves into the myriad beings and killing himselves repeatedly to hone those beings down into creation.

the newborn homunculus of tiny man born suddenly into the knowledge, into the cavern of ten thousand billion neurons, this fragile newborn body born into the knowledge that ten pounds of his own flesh can be flesh to the creation and destruction of worlds in imagination. This man thinking himself alone on all the face of this huge Earth of his wanderings, capable of this

thrust into the theatre of such a depth that he has been lost in its convolutions for hundreds of thousands of years, and the longer he journeys, the more convoluted this theatre becomes and the more convoluted the theatre the more earnestly he creates stories to combat it. He became so preoccupied with his own falling into this inner cavern that he forgot, then shunned the first creator, Earth.

forgetting the reality of this fleshy muddy birthing dying Earth that he is, being so lost in, so invested in, this hundred thousand year long drama that he has created solely out of ideas, so huge and delicate this construct of ideas has become, that the threat of the reality of birthing dying flesh has brought on a fear so huge as to create the beast satan...

the mind of man and the body of man were not meant to come together so quickly in the course of evolution!

mankind was given the ability to imagine his own creation and destruction when he was yet so young. He has been having nightmares ever since. nightmares played out in a theatre so complex and convoluted that it is easier to imagine them more real than the whole Earth which in reality contains him and created him.

[to watch a movie like "End Of Days"...] with the hugeness of forces imagined about a single human being wrapped up with the creation of sin in the world. that we feel ourselves responsible for the creation of sin in this whole six trillion trillion ton convecting globe of four billion years of geological history and evolution of the myriad species...

What happened in the brain of man, that out of fear he is compelled to create an image of a winged gargoyle bat serpent with a head out of the depths of the seas living in the center of the Earth, living under six trillion trillion tons of gyrating molten rock and bursting forth out of his slumber to burst up through the floor of a cathedral and to ravish a nubile young virgin? What fears bring up this horror? What forces within myself brings up such fear to require the destruction of a whole world?

need to tell it thus: all occurrences of mention of "man" must be changed to "myself". can only tell this story from self knowledge. surely i contain those same primeval colossal fears which can create such a satan monster to destroy the world? Surely, my imagination is so rich that thirty seven years full of moments of this imagination feels as rich as the creation of a whole world? And I am slowly destroying it through my own frailty? does that not contain a nightmare? Can any story or myth be able to build up within me the horror and suspense of thirty seven long years full of moment after moment of enticement and failure to create? The horror of my death which i can well imagine as the death of all my ability to experience and remember all I have experienced and imagined. my death will destroy worlds! for me, it will destroy all the people i love and this whole earth that i love. for all i know, when i die, it all goes! And each moment of failure is killing me. or, each moment that i fail to be here now and experience those around me,

and added to all this is the power of mankind in his real ecosystem. Homo sapiens, the aggressive team player, running from so HUGE a fear is devouring his first creator Earth! We are now capable of fucking with her climate, we are now capable of blasting her surface into another mass extinction. if we can do this, and learn to last ourselves a few more centuries we will surely build up the machines to reproduce her or destroy her totally. We certainly did in reality become as God, the first creator. This ecosystem of Earth has reproduced herself, birthed six billion little gods in her belly. and how will it play out? Why do we even have so much trouble finding our real mother? How long will it take? will we learn wisdom from her in time? will we be as seed to her and spread her life to other planets before we destroy our only body?

just as well man should fear armageddon and take responsibility for it! We are capable. Yes, with our birth, not that sin came into the world, but that a race of young gods came into the world

well first creator Earth always had capability within herself to get out of kilter and destroy the whole ecosystem, no? Do we know enough about her to say that she is wise enough to sustain harmony, a kind of sloppy gaia argument, and that we are not wise enough to create properly? is the Birth of Homo sapiens any more dangerous and earth shattering as any other event on the face of Earth has been?

we don't know yet

but we can imagine it possible...

this needs a form and boundaries. How much of the story to tell.

Once upon a time, mankind were many hairy pawns in Earth's huge theatre of creation. Each ape a pawn, a question, a trial, many errors, in Nature's give and take to discover what it took to act the next scene. Men and woman were given each their scripts to play out, unquestioning, how could they question or change the scripts? No way to see the whole world, no way to imagine all the characters at once. The only character imaginable to animals was itself.

Then the pace of play picked up.

The scripts weren't always handed out

improvisation was necessary, but how?

Slowly an improvisatory organ evolved in the skull of mankind

and how it pained the woman to give birth to its great girth

mankind learned to write the script as he went along

They didn't know what the hell they were doing, these little apes

with swolen heads, but they sensed the caverns growing up there

up there became a theatre in itself

The vault of the stage no longer the clear blue sky and cold black night, but a nebulous cavern inside with no boundaries?

and for a while

mankind got lost in it, he was no longer in the original play of forest and stream and savannah,

no longer learned his lines in the original play.

the other players were very distraught, men and woman no longer responded correctly

in fact this new ape began tearing the original world theatre down in their blind sleep walking as they dreamed in their own private theatres

God dam that each had such a huge theatre in his own head, he could very well Goddamit, write a whole play and play all the parts in an hour,

in an hour, a play that took the one world theatre millennia to run.

The other myriad beings were totally bewildered, couldn't keep up.

After awhile these naked apes saw that they were pretty hot stuff, not understanding why, but it was obvious to see, they knew that their numbers were on the rise, their stench called to high heavens... either that or their atrocious farming practices denuding the hillsides, caused the gods to rain down floods down the mountains submerging their port settlements in slime

after awhile they could predict how the gods moved the heavens

after a while they could feel their own existences achingly alone...

and so, lacking hubris, they lost respect for the original imaginer of plays. The landscape itself around them, the eons it took to do the imagining, way back into geological time. The land meant nothing to these new naked silly people. They at least felt a closer affinity to the vault at night, it was easier to imagine it limitless and frightening as their own head vaults. The mind vault was certainly NOT a sunny Blue meadow.

Each man and woman's mind theatre being selfcontained, they thirsted for real company in that cavernous hall. A lover. A God. But none were able to enter. It dawned on the folk of these early cities that they used to have communion in a larger play, with each other, with the animals even, with the creative powers of Earth. It dawned on these folk that they were expelled from communion and had to find a way within

God! did they dig inwards, fasting in deserts alone for a decade, watching their own breath one after another till time itself expired, spinning elaborate mathematical constructs floating in the middle of ones own skull vault.

What an awful mess. It was clear that men or at least a company of them could create what took their first mother eons to come up with. Even to create things that were never before seen on the face of the earth. Atom bombs, liquid crystal displays, lasers, ring dings...

And their songs... Never had there been heard on the face of the Earth songs so sinuously long and achingly beautiful, or horrifying... Songs more complex then the routes the planets took amongst the fixed posts of the heavens.

And the more they searched, the more alone they felt. No, their cousins, the chimpanzee and gorilla really couldn't stitch keen thought together in those lengthy sentences our children learn with ease. They have even taken to searching the seas for companions. Did the whales really sing? They had hunted whales since their time began, always seafarers, and yet rarely suspected whales of yarn spinning play. yet lately it is seeming possible to them, perhaps before it's too late and not to hunt the last one.

But so many millennia of pride as the brand new gods on the face of this earth. Would mankind be willing to accept an equal to share a finite planet.?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

yhvh wants us to grow into creative individuals

how to imagine the character of yhvh and his relationship with us? not supposed to imagine him before b'reishit, but why not? imagine him forward, extrapolate backwards. he falls in love with noakh, abram, yaakov. out of this love he renews marriage with their people. is he attracted to them or is it an abstract exercise to use them as an example to everyone else to show how he can toy with man and bestow good, or withhold it. come on bar, imagine him. Elohim or yhvh?

the tale begins in creation, no motivation. creates and pronouces good. he likes good. let us create light, fish, animals, birds, adam in our own image. why? he doesnt say. just bids them fruitful. sets ha'adam in gan eden. mysterious warning about world trees, why? doesn't say. inscrutible, just does. punishes adam v'khava. does he give reasons? 'cause they disowbeyed. because you didn't listen.

what's their relationship? what does he say to them? he says eat, don't eat of the tree of knowlege of good and bad, (lest they become as one of us) but later he gives 'am yisroel tora so that they can know good and bad. perhaps he didn't want them NOT to eat of the tree, but wanted to see just HOW bad they wanted that knowlege.. aha! it was a test they PASSED, not FAILED! yhvh wanted to know if they would think beyond him! think for themselves, desire more life than given. hmm.... this gets interesting now. also in the test: immortality but as a fairy, or mortality but a real moral life? does he say IF you eat of the tree you will die, or does he say DON'T eat of the tree, you will die. gotta look carefully.

of course whatever DID happen, humans would interpret it as a bad outcome, even though yhvh thought it was admirable. kids always want to stay in the nest, interpret it as cruel when the parents dump them out. hmmm...

what else is there to the relationship?

says it's not good for adam to be alone, brings him animals! what a dumb god! he doesn't know at first what adam needs. or is it another test for adam? to see what adam wants. hmm... they are exploring each other. adam of course follows like a puppy. NOT khava! she takes charge. she sees that the fruit of knowlege is good for understanding and takes it, and gives it to her man.

what else? then he curses adam, khava, the snake, the soil. and sends them into the world. are those really curses?

they have kids.

does yhvh ASK for offerings? no, they spontaneously offer them to yhvh.

but yhvh does cause more drama by choosing and rejecting the sons. another test? yes he states to cain that it is a test: sin crouches at your door, but you can withstand it. this test we fail at. no? more curses.

b'reishit is heavy in this sibling rivalry thing. is there something deeper going on? duh.... the siblings are not just brothers, sisters, they are peoples. different peoples striving against each other. why does yhvh set THAT up? the test is can we learn to speciate like the rest of life?

does yhvh specifically create species? hell yeah! b'reishit is very emphatic about the plants and animals bearing seed according to their kind. and all through tora distinctions are important, so definitely. at bavel, definitely yhvh creates differing cultures. he sets up the test. he says i don't want you to all be clones, i don't want the borg. he differentiates between cain and hevel because he doesn't want them to be identical. the first thing we learn about them is that they are farmer and pastoralist. already at each other's thoats.

so it's all about tests, yhvh wants to see creativity diversity, can we handle it. wants to see if we desire mortality and drama and conflict and resolution. pits brothers against each other because man is NOT created equal, THAT'S the way it is. now, can we deal with that? sin crouches at our door will we tackle or succumb? our test. up to us. we are the creator now. 6 days yhvh created, now it's our turn.

So what's with the flood? b'nei adam breeds like animals, like it always does. individuality receeds (notice before the flood the names fade, just as in mizraim, the names fade and yisroel turns into a seething breeding mass). and the sex with b'nei elohim. and something else. all flesh is corrupted in yhvh's eyes. but the text is not clear on exactly what that is. no test is given here. humanity just kind of anonymously decays. what went wrong?

maybe humanity failed to live up to the test of morality and creativity? failed to differentiate itself into individuals, became a mass of anonymous flesh. yhvh above all desires individuals and creativity.

another idea is that yhvh becomes horrified by lustingbirthingdyingeating flesh he has created. odd. didn't he know? if you want to say he set up particular tests for his critter than he must know how it is... is it a story about an all knowing god, or a story about OUR perception of things. what do we percieve that becomes horrified by this fleshy life?

whatever it is now yhvh becomes horrified that something is wrong and feels he must wipe it out. however... he finds PLEASURE... in Noakh. Noakh STOOD OUT in his generation. This is what yhvh desires, men and women that can stand out. yhvh is he is very particular about ... he picks certain men. women take command of things, but yhvh falls in love with the men. personifies Israel as a woman. twisty! not only that, but certain men have a calming effect on his savageness. so somehow Noakh calms yhvh and changes his mind about destroying all flesh. it's not that yhvh decides to save critters and commands Noakh to do it. No, Noakh turns his heart to do otherwise. as does Abraham at Sodom. and at Egypt? no, that one is twisted. but at sinai, he wants to wipe out Israel and start from scratch again with Moshe, Moshe talks him out of it. a theme here... but finally no one comes to avert his anger, and he sends Israel into exile.

more at the tower of babel. what was the crime? to reach heaven, to make a name for themselves, to become as god... that's the whole trip the humans want to become as god, and god keeps putting hurdles in their way. he's saying at bavel: you don't become god by ALL working together, got to speciate, you've got find your separate ways. so he scatters them.

then he comes down and focuses on abraham, you guys will become a blessing to all peoples, a people of priests. You be an example of one of the separate ways to become holy.

once we get to Abraham god leaves everyone else alone? that's a puzzler. 'course the story is told from only one perspective... but the nevi'im say no, god keeps working through other peoples on Israels's behalf, with that persian guy to let the jews back to israel, or with the babylonians to teach them a lesson. nevertheless, we preserve a tale of johah, that god does speak to other people's on their behalf.

so what happens now? waiting for the age when all nations come together? or all nations learn to live their blessing of uniqueness creatively with each other?

commentary on b'reishit ch 1-2:3

(the hebrew is sometimes in the parenthesis, sometimes the possible english translations are)



At the begining of elohim's creating (barah), when the sky and earth were a mishmash, darkness was over the face of t'hom (the depths? tiamat the goddess of the depths?), and ruakh elohim (the breath, spirit of?) hovered (like an eagle flapping her wings) on the face of the waters.

Elohim said let there be light. and there was. light was from elohim. and it permeated the darkness.

Elohim seperated this light from darkness. and he called them day and night. and indeed there was a first evening and a morning. did god then create time?

And elohim made (ya'as) a space in the midst of the waters. and it seperated the waters above and the waters below, and he called it skies (shamayim shemesh is the sun, mayim the waters, is the sky the sun waters? or the sun sea it's dual, sun's place between the seas?). a second day

And elohim said let the waters gather in one place, and dry land appeared. who did this gathering? he named the dry space land, earth (eretz) and the waters (mayim) seas (yamim)

And elohim said t'dashe ha'aretz deshe, let the earth sprout forth sprouts which reproduce them selves. and the earth herself brought forth these plants and trees. the earth and the plants are self generating. the water and land was already there... the only element from elohim himself was light. and the only shaping was of the day and night and the waters from the waters to make the skies.

And elohim made (ya'as) the two lights in the sky and the stars. it's clear that light comes from the sun, but also in the shade of the greater light there is still the original light from the beginning.... And elohim set them into the sky. The sun, the moon and the constellations are stripped of their creative powers. no competition in this story with elohim except t'hom and the waters and generative earth were also there.

And elohim said yishretzu h'mayim sheretz let the waters swarm forth a swarm of living beings and the birds flying in the sky. And elohim Created (barah), tana'im the serpents, and all that crept swam and flew after their kinds. Note that he created KINDS, not an amorphous mass of life, but distinct kinds. and elohim blessed them to be fruitful, and multiply and fill the waters in the seas and the earth. the plants received their generative powers and blessings from the earth herself, but the animals were elohim's work, and needed his special blessing to produce more. Elohim is partial to ANIMALS hmmm...

And here is another problem. god creates the light and pronounces it good. he creates the sky and forgets to pronounce it good. he creates seas and land and pronounces them good, he calls the earth to generate plant life and pronounces it good. he creates the lights in the skies and pronounces them good. he creates the living beings, he blesses them, but forgets to pronounce them good? or does the blessing cover it? This is not a smoothly strictly rhyming poem. ah... a possibility, he's not 100% happy with animals, cause they have to KILL and eat each other to live. he's very ambivelent about this flesh he created. maybe also that they have SEX. actually, not. these are swarming creeping things and birds though. he does pronounce land animals good, but forgets to BLESS them. it's a mess.

And elohim said totze ha'aretz nefesh chaya let the earth bring forth living beings after their kind (and the text misses a chance at alliteration that was used for the plantlife, and the sea life!). And elohim made (ya'as) khayat aretz, wild animals and elohim does remember to pronouce them good, but this time FORGETS TO BLESS THEM and bid them be fruitful and fill the earth!!! this is a glearing lacuna! can we say that it is up to us to bless animals? but elohim blessed the birds and the weat...

And elohim said let us make (ya'as) humanity (adam) in our image (tzelem). and Elohim created (barah) humnity in his image. male and female he created them Male and female is the image of Elohim? male and female is the image of creation?. but why aren't the animals created male and female, as surely they are? and Elohim blessed them and said be fruitful and increase and fill the earth and subdue and dominate it. and Elohim said "i give you all the vegetation as food" and to all living beings i give vegetation as food. and Elohim said it was very good.

Does elohim mean to say that at this point animals DON'T eat each other? very odd.

and the skies and the earth were finished. and in the seventh day Elohim finished his work, he ceased from working on that day. and he blessed the seventh day and made it holy (kodesh) because he ceased in it from doing all his work. and here in the last stanza of creation god doesn't even create the holy day, but the day happens naturally and god makes it holy by NOT creating.

The text is beatiful, suggestive, and corrupt. i say it is corrupt because it suggests a grandly rhyming set of parallel stanzas, but they are not COMPLETELY parallel in seemingly odd ways. The corruptions where preserved! Why? the corruptions were preserved to jar us? to beg us to jump in and complete them? to discuss and argue why they are there? a fascinating text, no?