Monday, September 1, 2008

Thunderstorms Of Sperm Swim The Well Of Life

from the well of her mouth
to the burning bush which conceals a deeper well...
well of wombs.

to connect eye to eye like hovering eagle and dove
to connect tongue to tongue like entwining serpents
to delight nipple to nipple like the leaping gazelle
to fit my arm around her waist as climbing a tree
and hover rock back and forth like the waves over the beach birthing life
and sink the tree of life into the hot wet depths, the black smokers
rocking rocking with the moon
climbing climbing with the intensity of the building storm clouds
to burst like crack of thunder bursting rain into earth
and wait the passage of seasons
till spring springs forth a sprig of us
new child.

to wander in the desert of loneliness
to wander the moist summer nights in the alleys of cities hungry
to see a flash of flouncing dark curls
eyes to eyes flicker with recognition
forgotten depths in them
to find a long lost sister
sit in the car in the parking lot for hours telling our stories.
the eyes the mouths hovering closer and closer together
wanting to kiss
wanting to kiss all
like the mouths of babies exploring a fresh world

spring meadow on a sunlit day
brewing to humid storm slowly
the dark clouds build
the static electricity in the air builds
to spark tongue to nipple lightning
amid the flashes to run for cover in the bushes

electricity of earth runs through us
the ancient sea tides of mating birth and death run through us
three billion generations of life giving to life
life dancing skillfully holding to balance
in the flow of sunlight to the cold dark void
in the face of the grim reaper of entropy
life passing on the flame of redox cycle from torch to torch
in a marathon 3.6billion years in the running breathing panting
still winning

and the tides of life the little ones
the seeking pseudopods of protoplasm reaching out from me
pods of me splitting from me on their own journey
seeking past me
past my time
wait by the sea for their journey

and the storm builds
the sea parts
the danger is imminent
and they pour out lives of me to live or die
and swim the storm current to another world
lives of me
tiny seed boats of my ancestors
packed with ancient tails of fibers woven nine by two
swim up the sea another world

she tastes different
it's a swim uphill the salmon take to spawn
to die
they race each other
help each other
like Beowulf and Brecca egging each other on in heroic exploits
her eggself is waiting with the torch of life to carry on
but she needs incitement
needs marriage to the community else she too will be expelled
the stillborn floating down the bloody nile

they arrive
come to rest on her yolky breast
release the hold on life beating protoplasm
just sing her my half of the song
and set her to splitting

songserpents of me entangling in her libraries
weaving another story in this life epic