Friday, April 13, 2007

Dirge For Curry The Cat

tanya put curry
tanya ended curry
curry did not know
curry did not ask
curry's gone

i did not visit curry
at the end
curry stopped purring
did curry want to go?
where was curry
curry's gone

one more song for curry
no more songs for curry
curry is a memory
curry is a
onion in my chest
lodged in my chest

curry's gone
curry's stopped
in the middle of his day
curry did not ask
curry did not say

life has a curry hole in it
life has a wondering what it's about
what IS it about
who was curry?
where is curry

curry might be under the bed
curry might be inside my head
curry might not be dead
if i didn't know

curry was my friend
curry was my best friend
curry was someone different in my life
out of breath now
curry's gone

one day curry
one day no more
head butt curry
curry with his paw
curry's paw left in memory

it will be a long life without curry
a long time with no curry to visit
when we all go
when we all take our exit
let go

curry exhaled
curry slowly exhaled himself to earth
slowly not curry no more
once whiskers
no longer feel

curry facet of myself
facet of myself holding on tight
less curry of myself
scared of myself
scared to let go of life

life leaps upon us from the bubbling abyss
the bubbling abyss of mother's womb
the spark joining jizm conception
life surprises us
curry too

once a kitten became curry
prancing paws kitten life
speck of chance
didn't have to be

long swirl of chemistry personality
curry was a person
curry was a self
i knew curry
i was curry

curry fragility breaks my heart
my heart holds onto life
the buddha says let go
i say is suffering so bad?
i say suffering is our flavor of life

life chooses us to be
so why not then choose life
why not accept suffering
if it defines life
the pain of curry defines me

curry won't let go

Qtrain to brooklyn
new york


Suzette said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Your words have stricken me with the grief you feel. Curry has rejoined the essence of all that is and has not ceased to be. Namaste.

Anonymous said...

Oliver said...

...and how old was Curry?

April 13, 2007 2:08 AM

barry goldman said...

don't remember at least 12 years i think. a friend's cat. i lived with him for a while.

Reb Deb said...


Leah said...

Very moving, Barry.