Monday, June 26, 2017

fire flies, central park, nyc

come summer in New York City,
the fireflies would apear in central park
and then at dusk the bats would come flitting out.
bats and fireflies,
bats chasing fireflies,
bats devouring the firefly crop.
lighness and dark.

one night there was a dance performance at summerstage and these woman were behind these tubs dancing as if they were washing their hair and then all of a sudden they all dip their hair in the tubs and swirl their heads up and...

there was REAL WATER in the tubs and these arcs of water went up into the air lit by the lighting and down...

all over the stage


'cause the women were still dancing

and even on the slippery wet stage they kept dancing

and all through it fireflies flitting between them

and the bats

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